How Was The Kosher Phone Reception On Mt. Sinai? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

did moses have kosher cell phone with g-1 service on mt. sinai?

the term “kosher” has moved beyond the mere description of judaism’s dietary laws. languages, i.e. english, have embraced the term. as with the marketing campaign slogan for hebrew national “we answer to a higher authority” the term “kosher” has value. with “kosher” as a descriptor, there is the perception of correctness or that or in accordance with the moral authority of the master of the universe.

with this, we now have “kosher” phones. “kosher” phones, as well as other technology, have emerged as a consumer product and industry. one company, koshercell considered the problems of internet addiction and other problems and came up with a solution.

they have been able to offer consumers a cell phone which does not have the internet. rather, they have created products which are either basic phones or smartphones with a bundle of selected applications. in essence, technology without the internet.

the use of these phones are spreading. the popularity of “kosher” phones is to such a level that the israel government must deal with them in a regulatory fashion. it should be noted that many of those who have these kosher phones do not use them on the sabbath as well.

the internet in concept is neither good or bad. the internet in application ranges from good to extreme evil. further, websites and social media can impact individual’s brain and change their behavior. the internet’s danger is also in its reach. children can be influenced by people who are not in their community. there are stories of children running away to strangers they met on the internet. the internet, in application, brings with it the worst of the world to the user. thus, the religious community who pumped the breaks on internet usage should be commended. they were perhaps the forward thinkers as opposed to those who embraced the spread of the programs and technology.

in sum, is every google search on my cell phone tantamount to eating a slice of bacon? or, is one’s decision to use a smart phone with the internet tantamount require the vigilance one may have when seeking out “kosher” in strange surroundings? this website and blog, in the spirit of rabbi sacks, is meant to be a landing place for moral inspiration.

be well!!

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