What’s Next? Will New York Pharoah Cuomo Order Jewish Boys Thrown Into the Hudson River?

history has a perverse way of repeating itself.

in a recent article, ny police entered a jewish home. according to the article in the post millennial , the police officers took issue “with the residents not wearing masks, not being socially distanced, and being more than 10 people in the home.” this was in a private home. note: orthodox jewish families are traditionally larger. therefore, there homes naturally will have large amounts of individuals.

the article notes that “the jewish community in new york has faced antagonism from the government, and has thusly resisted the measures put in place by governor cuomo. in many cases, jewish people outright protested the measures, citing an infringement on constitutional freedoms.”

in the book of exodus, pharoah “said to his people, “behold, the people of the children of israel are more numerous and stronger than we are. get ready, let us deal shrewdly with them, lest they increase, and a war befall us, and they join our enemies and wage war against us and depart from the land.” exodus 1:9-10

in ny, the orthodox jewish population is growing. the orthodox community favors the political party not affiliated with governor cuomo. thus, they may be perceived as a threat to ny’s current power structure.

the reality of the situation is that large families with lots of young children will most likely have a greater likelihood over coronavirus infection. coronavirus infection is something that can be treated and is not a guaranteed death sentence. infection rates versus death rates are statistically significant. some people who are infected are even asymptomatic.

it is quite evident that the ny politicians are using the orthodox community as scapegoats. they do this and take a blind eye towards other constituents indiscretions. further, it is politically convenient to do so.

even worse than the politicians, i saw a local tv report on the orthodox jews with respect to a wedding. a private event. in the broadcast, the reporter got all excited about the viewing of jew in a private event when a door opened.

without anything more than that shot, without knowing anything about the individual and the reason why they were not wearing the mask in a private event, the reporter got all excited over it. such enthusiasm! wow! if only this reported worked in nazi germany! he would have been great at rounding up jews. perhaps, he would be up for a “nazi emmy” for his broadcast. it is sad to see that some news broadcasters are acting like nazi collaborators. many times in political dialogue, the term “nazi” is used. in this instance, it was the “real deal.” such joy this broadcaster took in throwing orthodox jews under the bus.

to pharoah cuomo, let god’s people go! let them continue their multi-millennium commitment that they entered into god at mt. sinai. let them follow and honor their commitment to the ten commandments and the torah. remember that they answer to a higher authority that is committed to life and health.

if these people survived the ten plagues and the black plague, they surely then can handle the coronavirus.

be well!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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