Why You Get High? Read This Even Though You Don’t Want To: A Sabbath Tale

when do you get high?

celebrations. when you are feeling good, why not add a little something. as we watch sporting celebrations, it is all too common to see the cracking open of a bottle of champagne.

boredom. when you have nothing better to do, what better thing to do but get high.

emotional or physical pain. when you are seeking something to relieve discomfort, what better thing to do but get high.

when there are sabbath celebrations, it is not uncommon to share a drink of wine and offer up the hebrew language salutation, “l’chaim.” in english, “l’chaim” means “to life.”

what is interesting about alcohol is that is has a unique property. at some point, it is a stimulant. after a certain point, it becomes a depressant.

a stimulant can give you more energy. stimulants include caffeine, amphetamines and cocaine. depressants, on the other hand, relax the individual. the relaxation may be to the point of complete sedation. cite. in sum, alcohol covers both ways people get tend to get high.

the salutation “l’chaim” actually tells us a lot. to life. life can be great, life can be boring, and life can be sad. the drink of wine can impact all states of life. the drink on the sabbath is a reflection of life in general. life is a challenge. life is a struggle. life can have moments of happiness. the sabbath is moment in time to savor a little happiness in life.

the regular day of the week is meant for being productive. what do we do during the week? do we have to be so happy that we have to keep the party going by getting high? during the week, are we so bored that we have to occupy ourselves by getting high? during the week, are we in such physical or emotional pain that we need to get high?

emotional states can be altered or improved by non-substance use means as well. to some extent, getting high is way of cheating to achieve the end result. the end result being an improved mental state. the problem with this cheating is that it deceives the individual and prevents them from doing the things that they really need to do to live improve their lives and states of mind.

what is the proof? i live in an area surrounded by homeless people. the one thing that most of them have in common is their love for marijuana. in their dire state of living, partying it up is all all too common. for those few moments of time, they are able to partake in that ultimate cheat which prevents them from doing what they need to do to get them off of the streets. some actually prefer to live on the streets with that lifestyle. frequently, they refuse housing that is conditioned upon a drug free living facility. a brief moment in high is more important. this high cripples them from a better life.

feeling good or better about life is possible without substance use. a productive the whole week and taking a sabbath day off in celebration is a great high. the feeling of owning a home is a great feeling. there is a great feeling of participating in a hobby such as gardening and making a beautiful area with flowers, vegetables and fruits. there is a great feeling in being creative and making a wonderful painting or writing a poetry. there is a great feeling cleaning your home and making it look great. finally, there is a great feeling helping others.

in sum, the great thing about achieving good feelings without cheating through substances use is that they tend to be both longer lasting and without the downside of substance use.

be well!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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