A “Four-Star” Athlete Becomes a Moral Superstar Before Ever Playing a College Game: A “Prime Time” Football Story of a Son Honoring His Superstar Father

nowadays, for some reason unknown to me, children going to college have the need and desire to move great distances from their parents to attend college. many of these decisions are without logic. in many circumstances, the colleges chosen are expensive and they are not academically superior to local schools.

in sum, the only difference of going away is the fact that it is away from child’s parents. there is an apparent mad dash to get away from their mother and father at great cost. this academic choice can be viewed as disrespectful of the child’s parents.

our story, however, is one of a son who shows great respect. he is moral superstar. mr. shedeur sanders made a decision to commit to playing football at a college for which his father recently accepted the position as football coach. mr. sheduer sanders was recruited by many great schools and had been offered scholarships for which he declined.  instead, he chose his father and is quoted as stating “dad i got your back!

his father, coach deion sanders, is no ordinary father. coach sanders was a once-in-a-generation talent who was to play both professional football and professional baseball at the highest of levels. in fact, he is the only individual to appear in both a super bowl and the world series. i will make an assumption that coach sanders’ decision to become a coach was not one of financial need. it would appear that it is for the love the game and the opportunity to make an impact on youths.

coach sanders, professionally, has had many moments to celebrate in his career. one has to wonder the feeling that he had and will have getting to spend time with a son who wants to be there and help out. this experience of being able to work with his son may be even a greater experience than winning a super bowl or world series!

to mr. shedeur sanders: you are a winner no matter what happens on the field. you set an example of someone who thinks of the big picture. i look forward to you having an outstanding and wonderful career and life.

this story is truly one that can be called a “win, win.”

be well!

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