God Loves and Protects Pizza Delivery People: Why Doesn’t Society?

there is a compelling argument that the invention of pizza was a collaboration between man and god. arguably, the flatbread, aka matzah, traveled from egypt to israel to greece and rome. in italy, mans’ contribution to modern day pizza was the brilliant toppings of tomatoes and cheese.

god loves and protects pizza delivery drivers. god protects them in the ten commandments.

did god anticipate that pizza would be such a hit? who knows. did god anticipate that the pizza would be so popular that a whole industry would emerge in its delivery to homes? who knows. did god anticipate that these pizza deliverers needed to be protected? absolutely. the ten commandments was designed to protect them, and all people, from theft and murder.

the following are links to two tragic pizza delivery stories.

in the first story, a young lady pizza deliver driver was subjected to an armed robbery. her pizza stolen. her money stolen. her cell phone was stolen. her car was stolen. she later found out that these individuals may have robbed and shot another delivery person. the consequence to her was that she no longer delivered pizza. she lost an occupation. she lost a way of having income.

there were three youths accused of the crime. one youth accused of the crime was brazen. a bragged on a cell phone video about the crime. in the video, he proudly displaying his weapon. he was 14 years old at the time. click here to see the video

its just pizza, its just money, its just possessions. isn’t this what some social justice advocates would say about this incident?

the problem is two-fold. it is immoral to rob someone. second, it would appear, based upon the facts, that it is likely that the weapon was loaded. these two youths had allegedly shot one delivery in the past. it is quite possible that the delivery person in this story could have been killed.

is it just about pizza? just about money? just about possessions? no. it is about immoral people who placed a hard working human being at risk of death. minor crimes can escalate to major crime. social justice advocates who diminish small criminal activity place human lives at risk. the ten commandments are clear. they don’t just stop murder. they try to nip immoral conduct in the bud so that it does not escalate.

the second pizza deliver story is more tragic.

this delivery person was murdered. the accused this time were two teenagers. one was a 14 years old. the trial on the matter was tragic. arguably, his family members went on the witness stand and gave questionable testimony to try to get him off. there were pictures of this teenage holding a gun which was believed to be the murder weapon. one of the pictures was taken six hours before the murder. there was testimony that in the family’s pantry that there was a box of food with a hole in the back which contained a weapon. here is the link he was convicted of the murder.

after seeing these stories, the scary part of them is that it would appear that the families may have been well aware of their childrens’ conduct. i am curious as to how much the family members knew about this conduct. i am curious as to whether these family members were complicit in their childrens’ conduct. i am most of all curious as to whether there are any more minor children in these households.

a totalitarian government is never a good thing. these cases, however, cry out the need for government action. if there are other minor children in these households, should our society have child protective services conduct a full investigation to determine other children in these families are in danger? if so, should action be taken? society should take responsibility to protect the other children and hopefully protect them from following the path of their troubled sibings.

if we are ever going to get better in society, it starts with families and ten commandments morality.

be well!

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