Being Grateful in the Most Trying Time: Thanksgiving Thoughts

it is easy to be thankful when things go our way. not so much when they don’t.

this year has been like no other. we all have been strained by events that our beyond our control. there have been some fortunate people whose lives have not been terribly impacted by covid-19. there have been others who have suffered immensely.

to some degree, the individual impacts seem arbitrary. restrictions have taken certain individuals who were dedicated to their business, occupations or crafts and stripped them of their livelihood. health wise, there are families have been impacted by the loss of love ones. families have also been impacted by those who suffered from covid-19 without full recovery.

despite all this, we all still have our spirit. we still have our drive to live. we still have our hopes for the future.

in these times, we should be thankful for still having the spirit and resolve to get through this. we should all have the spirit to be thankful and giving.

while i don’t eat out as much, this year i have become a bigger tipper to support those trying to make it. additionally, i engaged in some projects which created employment opportunities for others. my spirit is calling on me to give while i still am able.

there are days this year when it would be easy to give up. why work? my spirit, however, keeps me going to power through another day. for this, i am thankful and giving.

i wish that you all creatively have a wonderful, meaningful, and enjoyable thanksgiving.

be well!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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