Marcel Moses? A Silent Voice Who Saved Lives: A French Tale

previous blog posts discussed the importance of one finding their voice. one’s voice can shape how one is viewed, and whether one has the ability to persuade others, and whether one has the ability to lead.

this is the story of an individual, marcel, whose voice was silence.

during world war ii, it is reported that marcel and his brother were involved in various operations and saved hundreds of jewish children from race laws and concentration camps. cite. marcel “started miming to keep children quiet as they were escaping. it had nothing to do with show business. he was miming for his life.” supra.

the irony is that miming became his career. marcel, with a name change, became “marcel marceau”. he became a world famous pantomime artist with a career spanning 60 years. supra.

what do people get out of helping others? in this story, while risking his life to save others, he was provided a spark that transformed his life. he learned that he had a powerful voice. he could communicate life saving information without saying a word.

with this inspiration, marcel marceau went on to use his skill to realize that he was able to communicate to the entire world. in addressing an international world, language is the barrier that prevents communication. his silent voice was understood not matter what language you spoke. as a result, he became a beloved entertainer throughout the world.

lessons to be learned: first, if you need inspiration for your own life, perhaps helping others can get you on your way. second, in helping others, you may discover your abilities. you may develop new skills. you may sharpen old ones. in helping others, you may change your own life as well. a win win.

be well!

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