The Ten Commandments vs. COVID-19. Morality Will Triumph Over Pandemics. It Will Pass Over. The Story of a Son Honoring His Father During These Trying Times

pandemics come and go. ten commandments morality cannot. it will not. as long as those committed to ten commandments values and morality pass it down, it will not stop. for those who value ten commandments’ principles, COVID-19, is a mere obstacle to be worked around. the following is the story of the two mr. lynchs. father and son.

covid-19, prevented mr. john lynch from visiting his father who lived in a different state. further, due to his father’s age, there were additional complication with respect to in-person interaction. mr. john lynch turned to technology to connect with his father. per the reports, mr. lynch maintained contact with his father who was suffering from dementia via an ipad. his father, hugh lynch recently passed due to natural causes.

thus, mr. lynch honored his father by maintaining contact and communication with his father to the very end of his life. it cannot be emphasized enough that elderly parents generally love to hear from their children, grandchildren and other relatives. note: if you can reach out to the elderly who are in need to contact, please take some time to do so.

mr. lynch then doubled down on honoring his father.

in honor of his father, he is donating ipads across the united states. the intent of doing so is to provide them to medical facilities, nursing homes and hospitals, so that patients are able to use them to communicate with their families. this effort is done through the lunch with lynch foundation. the foundation continues to take cash donations as well as new and gently used ipads to further the project.

“i just want to make him proud,” lynch said of his father, who he says inspired his philanthropic spirit. “knowing that we can help families stay in touch during this time is a wonderful feeling.” cnn.

thus, this story represents one of the many moral victories that individuals can score against the pandemic. like all things in the past, it will pass over. pandemics will come. pandemics will go. the ten commandments’ morality, values and principles, however, cannot. these must be continually passed on and not passed over.

be well!

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