Your New Guru, PT Robbins. Epic Advice Guaranteed To Change Your Life. Your Personal Double Shot of Decaffeinated Expresso

pt robbins is this thetcp’s exclusive self-improvement guru. pt offers his motivation free of charge and guaranteed to change your life.

pt is not like the famous self improvement guru tony robbins. mr. tony robbins is tall, charismatic, handsome, and successful. pt robbins, not so much. not very tall, not so charismatic, and not so handsome. unfortunately tony and pt only share their love of profanity. pt is working hard to stop his profanity. the swear jar is overflowing.

don’t be afraid of pt robbins. he is hear to change your life for the good. unlike the great tony robbins, you will not be fire walking over hot coals. further, despite our ten commandments theme, you will not be required to walk across the divided red sea. the only thing asked of yourself will be to think, contemplate and reflect upon pt’s motivating words.

pt robbins first lesson is as follows: “live life or life will live you.”

first, pt asks you to say it out loud. yes! say the words and listen to the words. take a moment to think about them before reading further.

unlike cats, we only have one life to live.

life is a blessing. life is a curse. life is a mixed bag of tricks. life is something that we can make special. life is something we can waste. life is something we can cherish. life is a ride in the backseat. life is a ride we can do in the driver’s seat. life is a ride that may repeat itself in the future. life is a journey collecting and gathering memories of happiness, joy, hope, sadness, fear, and boredom. hopefully, when it is all said and done, you can reflect on having a satisfying life.

thus. the questions.

how do you wish to live your life?

do you want it special?

do you want it fulfilling?

do you want to make your mark?

live life” means that you need to be proactive in your life. you need to take the time to plan, decide and take action as to what you want to do. in life, it is extremely rare that one achieves success, achievement or joy with no direction or effort made. in sum, if you want something in life, you need to take the time, have some direction and make the effort.

now for the second part of the phrase:

life will live you” if you don’t plan your life. others will plan it for you. this is two-fold. one day, you may get out of your room after playing hours and hours of video games and realized that life has passed you by. one day, you may realize that had you had taken school more serious that you would have had a better job. thus, lack of effort can leave you behind.

likewise, there is the other dangerous aspect of life living you. the rule of the jungle is that only the fittest survive. just like the jungle, society has a way of dealing with wasted individuals. humans with no directions are subject to exploitation by government, businesses, criminals and those will ill intentions. these forces may guide your life.

for example, with no education or skills, employers are searching you out with menial jobs for you. government agencies may want to use you as a mere number to gain funding. criminals may want to get you hooked on drugs to become a customer.

in sum, “live your life!” take your time to think about this phrase. take out a pad and paper and start writing out plans and goals. start writing out what is needed to obtain these goals. take your notes and start implementing them in your life. further, feel free to reach out to others for advice. this process is not so simple.

be well!

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