Honor Your Grandparents? A Ten Commandments Value? Tale of a Football Star Honoring His Grandfather and a Discussion As The Role of Grandparents in Our Changing Times

this blog is to discuss two distinct topics. first, to highlight an individual who is taking an opportunity to honor his hero grandfather. second, to discuss the present standing of grandparents within family structures.

we first begin with football star, kyler murray, for the arizona cardinals. he announced “for this year’s @NFL #MyCauseMyCleats i teamed up with @callofdutyendowment in honor of my late grandfather, a veteran and purple heart recipient. he’d be proud of the work they’re doing to help veterans find meaningful jobs, just like i’m proud @callofduty has such a great cause behind it!” he wrote in the caption of his post on friday.” fox

while the ten commandments provides for honoring one’s father and mother, how can you go wrong honoring your grandparents? the gesture is a wonderful extension of ten commandment values. the torah supports this concept as it is stated that “you shall rise before a venerable person and you shall respect the elderly …” leviticus 19:32.

presently, honoring one’s grandparents has taken a new dimension. first, as people are living longer, there is a greater likelihood that grandparents will be alive and have relationships with their grandchildren. further, due to both societal break down in families and two parent working homes, many grandparents have taken on the role of parenting their grandchildren. thus, in light of these societal changes, ten commandments’ values support the concept that not only should elderly grandparents be respected but also that they should be honored.

honoring individuals is an important concept for children to learn. the addition of the notion respect is as well. these children have the opportunity to be impressed with lifelong values which serve society. children need people in this world that they can respect and look up to as a model. thus, there is a need to them to have a parental figure. if not an actual parent, a grandparent can fulfill the role.

in sum, children must be taught to honor and respect both parents and the elderly. this is something that is taught and not inherent. this must lean to take every day to cherish, love, respect and honor their grandparents. they must learn to understand the limited window they have to make their time together meaningful.

be well!

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