Historically Great Leaders, The Ten Commandments, and China

alexander the great was religiously tolerant. biographyonline.net

cyrus the great was religiously tolerant. tolerance.tavaana.org

thus, in history leaders have achieved levels of greatness by allowing individuals within their empires to practice their own religion.

in 2019, bitterwinter.org reported the chinese government replacing the ten commandment with quotes from their leader, xi jingping. according to the article, it refers to the fact that china is an athiest country and the ten commandments have become an eyesore. it was reported that the are eliminated places of worship. it is reported that the three self church in china replaced the ten commandments with their president’s quotes.

it was reported in the article that it was revealed that “some three-self churches had been shut down for not implementing the government’s demand to replace the ten commandments with the president’s quotes. some congregations have been threatened to be blacklisted by the government, meaning that their travels will be restricted and schooling and future employment of their offspring will be impeded if they refused to overhaul their churches according to the current national policies. disobeying the orders means opposition to the communist party, officials claimed.”

in the article, a preacher was reported as saying that “the communist party’s ultimate goal is to ‘become god.’”

it is fascinating as to which part of the ten commandments is problematic for nations. in america, theft and coveting appear to be a commandments that irk some politicians. they with to condone theft and stoke confrontations concerning wealth distribution. in china, the problematic commandment is the one who declares who is the true authority of humanity.

as noted above, history has shown that religious tolerance and lead to great nations, great empires and great leaders. thus, a partnership with god and the concept of a god is not a deterent with respect to the betterment of a nation.

on an aside, it is interesting to note how one of the most powerful countries in the world perceives the ten commandments as an existential threat. this perception is one of the ultimate complements that can be made as to the power of god, his torah and his ten commandments.

in sum, god, the torah, and the ten commandments can be a valuable asset to a nation seeking greatness. this can be the case even when a nation is secular.

be well!!

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