The “You Can Have It” Game

many people covet. they see beautiful houses, beautiful spouses, beautiful cars. they ponder as to how great their lives would be if they could only have that possession.

sometimes, i like to play the game, “you can have it.”

the “you can have it” game’s rules are as follows: first, choose the item that you desire, and second, realize all of the costs and responsibilities attached to the item.

you want that $100,000,000.00, mansion? you can have it.

now that you have it, let’s look at the costs. first, there would be at least a 1 percent property tax per year. thus, you will own $1,000,000.00, annually. also, you will most likely to have full time maids, full time gardeners, as well as part-time pool servicers. also, you will need to pay bills for security, cable services, water and power.

in light of the $1,000,000.00, plus obligation a year, do you really want the house?

you want that ferrari sports car?

now that you have it, let’s look at the costs. first, there is the annual car tax. second, there is the car insurance. third, there is the car maintenance.

further, there will be issues when driving the car. is there a level of anxiety with respect to driving such a vehicle? anxiety with respect to getting into an accident, having it stolen or being car-jacked?

you want that pet?

now that you have it, let’s look at the costs. first, there are the food bills. second, there are the vet bills. third, there may be pet sitting bills.

beyond, the costs, there are the added responsibilities. there is a 24/7 obligation to the animal. there is the need for them to be let out and fed on a daily basis. there is the need to see if they receive attention and stimulation. thus, your personal freedom is limited by owning the pet.

in sum, there are things that you may want until you really understand what their possession entails. when you do this, perhaps you will be less jealous of others. sometimes, you might feel sorry for them.

be well!!!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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