Thou Shall Not (Stream a) Murder

the likes of mark zuckerberg should be so proud of themselves. a fight involving girls between the ages of 12-15, resulted in the murder of the 15 year old by knife in a wal-mart. this murder was streamed live on both facebook and instagram.

after the murder, these girls pronounced “‘we just stabbed that b***h in her heart. we don’t give a f**k.’ ” dailymail

according to the article, “calcasieu parish sheriff tony mancuso confirmed that investigators have videos of the fatal stabbing that the alleged attackers posted on facebook and instagram live. ” dailymail

he went on further to state that ‘the whole murder was played out on (social media) so, again, there appeared to be no remorse. it was very cold to see 12, 13, 14 and 15-year-olds acting this way and we as a society can’t tolerate it. we cannot let this plague and take over our community.’  he then went on to note that this was the third homicide involving teens between 11 to 16 years of age.” he reported that ‘this is not something we can police ourselves …. this is a parenting issue.” dailymail

parents should remember that smart phones are not moral phones.

parents should remember that social media is not moral media.

this murder, however, was not just a murder. it was not simply the taking this other girl’s life. this murder was a media event that was designed and packaged for public consumption. these participants wanted to make known to the world in real time their baseless morality. they had access to technology and software to make it happen. perhaps, they wanted to become social media sensations. perhaps, they murdered for their 15 minutes of fame.

i wonder when this murder was streamed as to whether the viewers also had advertisements on the screens. i wonder how much revenue mr. zuckerberg made was this murder was streamed online. it would be interesting to investigate whether mr. zuckerberg actually have profited from this young lady’s murder. perhaps, the family of the deceased should sue facebook and instragram since they showed the murder in their business without the consent of the victim and most likely profited by it.

if you are a parent, it is imperative you must have a long talk about ten commandments values prior before allowing them to use social media or smart phones. further, as a parent, don’t be afraid to take them away if your child is acting improperly.

be well!!

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