How Do You Teach The Ten Commandments In A Fun Fashion? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the key way to teach students the ten commandments in a fun way is to make the children the smart ones.

the bible is full of stories which form the basis for the ten commandments. in order the make an effective lesson on the ten commandments, the teacher should lay an extensive foundation of this bible stories prior to discussing the ten commandments.

these stories can include the following:

(1) god’s creation of the world resting on the seventh day (sabbath)

(2) the story of cain and abel (murder)

(3) the midrash story of abraham as a child in his father’s idol store (idolatry.) note: this story is not in the actual torah

(4) the burial of abraham: genesis 25:9 (honoring one’s parents)

(5) jacob, esau and the birthright (theft)

(5) the story of joseph and his coat of many colors (coveting and lying)

(6) the story of joseph and potiphar’s wife (adultery and lying)

(7) moses and the burning bush (one god and name in vain)

once these stories have been introduced to the students, the discussion of the ten commandments will be entertaining for the children. they will likely offer up the bible stories relevant to each individual commandment. the children, on their own, will be making the connection.

another lesson would be to take the matter to contemporary events. this blog tries to capture many interesting and novel stories that relate to the commandments. many of them are ones that children can relate to. others, are on a more adult level. thus, i invite those planning a lesson to search the blog for appropriate material.

the following are links to some of the posts that are relevant.

one god


name in vain


honoring parents






for the years are taught early education in hebrew school, i felt that this approach worked the best. please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

be well!!

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