The City of Elderly Hate & Abuse? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

You shall rise before a venerable person and you shall respect the elderly

leviticus 19:32

the horrific murder of 72 year old mr. james lambert, jr. in the city of philadelphia is perhaps just cause to change the city’s motto “the city of brotherly love” to that of “the city of elderly hate and abuse.” should philadelphia change its name to “senicide city?” shocking video of the matter shows approximately 7 teens. they hurled a large traffic cone multiple times to strike and injure mr. lambert. he reportedly died from the injuries from that attack.

the video is so graphic and shocking that mainstream media and social media cowardly have pixelated and edited the video. the edited video does injustice to the victim. the editing of the video provides aid and comfort to the accused. it presents a sanitized various of a horrible crime.

a mother of one of the accused noted “all social media about me and my child is not true. i’m not a bad mom.” the more noted “it’s the other kids and, you know, bad influence. she probably didn’t know, didn’t mean to do it.”

it is likely that other parents of the accused will come forward with the same excuses and platitudes for their children. their dizzying statements of denial will make one wonder as to whether anything happened.

it is time that the city end this pattern of denial. the one way to do it is to place indivduals on notice. the city can place its students and parents on notice at the beginning of this upcoming school year that this conduct will not be tolerated in the city. each and every class and student should be required to have a presentation and discussion of mr. lambert’s death. each and every parent with a child should also be required to be part of a presentation and discussion of mr. lambert’s death. a discussion should address the fact that children should respect elders. a discussion should address that the children’s conduct as shown in the video is impermissible and is a crime. a discussion should be made as to how a child should not get involved with other troubled youth. a discussion should be made that assisting the elderly is a positive thing to do and that when others see you doing it, they will think well of you. a discussion should be directed at parents that they need to take the time to educate their children about this value. a discussion should be directed to parents that they must impress values upon their children.

with such measures done, parents, when questioned about their children’s conduct, will not be able to sidestep the issue and claim that they are good parents and their children have some justification in committing unconscionable acts.

this horrible murder should rock the conscience of a city. is it? if the city of philadelphia leaders do not wish to take this extreme measure to educate each and every child and parent that the conduct on the video is not to be tolerated, the motto of “the city of elderly hate and abuse” is a much deserving title.

be well!!

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