Someone Lied and Someone Died: A Ten Commandments’ Story: A Cautionary Tale for the United States

“lies are like matches, you play with one and you can start a fire”

ten commandments’ violations can have a cascade effect. one violation, a lie, can lead to a bigger and more consequential violation, a murder. currently, the united states has a number of individuals, media and institutions freely spewing lies about fellow americans and others.

the following story demonstrates the consequences of a lie.

as reported, as alleged, a 13 year old student in france lied about her teacher with respect to a classroom incident. she lied to her father and claimed that she was suspended by the teacher for two days. she claimed it was because she challenged him about a controversial topic. she lied about being in class on the day of the alleged incident. she was not there on the day that the controversial topic was discussed. this lie was taken as the truth by her father and enraged him. as a result, the lie set off societal controversy, social media upset. within ten days of this eruption, her teacher was murdered.

this description intentionally removed the incident’s religious aspect. this blog’s point is simply about the impact of lies in general. the actual story itself is tragic, a teacher had taught a civics class involving an islamic-related topic. the student allegedly lied about what had occured as she had not even been in the class at the time of the event. this lie led to the igniting social media outrage and islamic extremism. the teacher tragically was beheaded.

why was she lying?

there are many accounts as to why she lied: she did it to please her father; she lied to cover up her missing class; and she lied at her classmates’ behest.,

apparently, she was in trouble prior to the incident. according to reports “the schoolgirl [ had] already been threatened with expulsion because of disciplinary problems.” thus, the lie was to deflect her from facing the consequences of her own “bad” behavior.

what does this mean for adults and media?

currently, there are individuals and entities, who, wanting to deflect attention from the truth, promote falsehoods. some of these falsehoods are meant to evoke anger and discord. this anger and discord can lead others to engage in violence including murder.

thus, our society must expose these individuals and entities. our society must provide truthful facts and information to prevent the stoking of emotions.

what does this mean for children?

as a society that values the ten commandments, lies should not be promoted, encouraged or endorsed. children must be taught the consequences of lies. as we know, accusations, whether credible or not, will be investigated by authorities. thus, children must be advised against initiating falsehoods. this 13 year olds’ alleged lies and the tragic consequences should be a discussion topic in civics’ classes across the country.

be well!!

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