A Great UCLA Alumni Who Helped Save the Modern State of Israel: He Also Had A Symbolic Impact: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

on 3/3/21, the ucla student government passed a resolution on alleging that the israeli government is committing “ethnic cleansing” against the palestinians. jewishjournal.com

rather than discuss the current ucla student government’s actions, i would like to take the time to celebrate a late and great ucla alumni who helped found the state of israel. he died fighting for the country. he also left behind an enduring symbol.

bob vickman, graduated ucla with a bs degreee in business administration. he attended ucla from 1942, to 1945. wikipedia. he was one of the first pilots in the israeli air force. he died in active service during the 1948 independence war.

beyond his heroism, mr. vickman, along with stan andrews created the first israeli fighter squadron insignia.

in 1948, israel would be fighting against egypt. when conjuring up a symbol that would evoke fear in their combatants, vickman and andrews recalled the passover story of the angel of death. it was the angel of death who played a role in the final plague that defeated the egyptians’ spirit. as a result, the pharoah allowed the hebrew slaves to leave. “andrews and vickman sketched out a first draft of an angel of death badge on a cocktail napkin. they drew a skull wearing a flying helmet – the symbol that would soon be painted on the left side of all the 101’s s-199s.” 101squadron.com

The Incredible Genesis Of Israel's Air Force: An Interview with Author  Robert Gandt By Elliot Resnick | RUTHFULLY YOURS

in sum, irrespective of what some ucla student government officials may think or believe, there are ucla students and alumni have and will continue to support the state of israel.

further, history will always know that ucla has one heroic alumni, mr. bob vickman, who gave his life and played an important role is saving the state of israel.

be well!!

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