Was He Such a Genius That He Thought There Were Only Nine Commandments? A Ten Commandments’ Tale of Adultery

“every bee that brings the honey needs a sting to be complete
and we all must learn to taste the bitter with the sweet”

naomi shemer

many historical figures had collisions courses with the ten commandments. king david and albert einstein had trouble with a particular commandment.

we are all human, we all make mistakes. we develop a form of moral dissonance. on one hand, we love, admire and respect an individual’s achievements. we, however, are conflicted by their moral shortcomings.

as the great naomi shemer expressed in her song, “al koh eleh,” life at its best is problematic and with troubles. we take our legendary figures with all their flaws.

albert einstein both solved problems and was problematic. perhaps too busy mathematically describing the nature of the universe such as his theory of relativity, that he ignored studying the moral guidance laid out by the master of the universe within the torah. perhaps, mr. einstein believed that he was such a genius that he could reduce the ten commandments to nine commandments and thereby eliminate condemnation of his moral weakness.

mr. einstein is quoted in a letter as stating ” “i am sure you know that most men (as well as quite a number of women) are not monogamously endowed by nature,” he wrote, according to a translation from the original german published decades later. “nature will come through even stronger if convention and circumstances are putting resistances in the way of the individual.” natgeotv medium

it is reported that he had “been unfaithful to his first wife, mileva maric, and eventually left her to marry his mistress, elsa einstein, who was also his cousin. after divorcing mileva and marrying elsa, he soon resumed having dalliances with numerous other women as well.” natgeotv medium

despite einstein’s genius, he could not escape the harm, complications and dysfunction that occurs with adultery. additionally, the infidelity’s public nature may have been a source of family embarrassment. innocent family members, by mere association, may have been impacted by his actions.

in sum, while einstein could come up with formulas to describe the universe. the master of that very universe laid out the formula living a long and peaceful life.

thus, 1c+2c+3c+4c+5c+6c+7c+8c+9c+10c= 10 commandments= a long and peaceful life. this certainly can be as valuable to society as e=mc 2.

be well!!

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