Does Size Matter When It Comes to Theft? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the ten commandments’ provision for thou shall not steal is clear. there is no provision that a little theft is permissible. in fact, little thefts have huge impacts on the most vulnerable in society. often, homeless people have their possessions stolen. such theft creates a greater hardship than a small theft occurring of a wealthy person. thus, the theft ban is meant to protect all in society: from the poor to the afluent.

in modern times, the ten commandments’ concepts and values are lost. there are district attorneys, police department, politicians and social activists who have taken an attitude that small crimes don’t matter. lack of enforcement of small crimes has created an environment in which criminals feel comfortable practicing their profession. this had led to increases in crimes and them occuringin broad daylight.

in the bay area, store owners report frustrations when they receive no police response when calling the non-emergency lines. in fact, there was one report in which no one at the department answered the phone.

recently, in san francisco, a man was beaten and robbed of his motorized wheelchair. this was reported in the mercurynews this “little” theft in law enforcement’s and policy makers’ eyes surely meant a lot to the victim. this victim, a handicapped man, without his wheelchair, was forced to crawl out of the street and crawl back to his home. mercurynews

in the incident, this 60 year old man’s quantum q6 edge hd wheelchair was stolen. the thieves also punched him in the face. they dragged him out of the chair. they threw him into the street. mercurynews

this sad story is cause for the citizens to unite to demand enforcement of existing laws. further, citizens should demand both the media to ask their law enforcement departments as to why they are non-responsive to residents’ reportings of crime. police departments must be held accountable. likewise, district attorneys must also be held accountable in the prosecution of small crime cases.

when district attorneys are not responsible, recall efforts should be made to remove them from offices.

be well!!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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