He Honored His Father With Perfection: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

john hinkle jr struck out to do something special to remember his departed father. he kept on striking and striking and striking and striking. in the end, he had bowled a perfect game. the whole time, his father’s ashes were knocking the pins down. mr. hinkle, jr., to honor his father, had had them specially placed within the bowling ball. this feat took some effort as well. he sought long and hard to be able to find the person who could do the job.

mr. hinkle, jr. was greatly moved by his bowling with his dad’s ashes as he came closer and closer to bowling a perfect game. he was happy as his father, in his lifetime. had never bowled one. as a father and son team, in this strange happening, combined for perfection.

as reported by fox, “”i got down to the ground and i cried,” John told fox of the moment. “and my brother was right there to pick me up, and we hugged it out and he cried, i cried. i was an emotional wreck.” “i’ve been bowling for 34 years now and this is obviously the best moment ever,” he added. fox

bowling was and is an important for the hinkles’ family. his father had introduced him to the sport at age 4.

in sum, it is so important that stories of children honoring parents reported. everyday, we need to be reminded of the life’s important things. this story shows the power of how the memory of one’s father can bring happiness to a family. both mr. hinkle jr and his brother, and perhaps the whole family, shared a special moment as a result of the perfect game. perhaps, the family spent some time reflecting about their dearly beloved father.

be well!!

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