When You Are Down On Yourself, There is Always Family: A Movie Recommendation

the movie, with certain issues, may be offensive to some. for others, it may not be to their liking. with an open mind, however, this movie is all about family. it is a wonderful tale about how family members have the capability to make a difference and find happiness. to do so, however, they have to break out of their own self pity.

with that said, and in an effort to not ruin the movie or expose the plot, i recommend the movie “little miss sunshine.” it is currently available free, with commercials on youtube. cudos to the writers, producers, directors and actors. this independent film took some up and coming actors, abegail breslin and steve carrell, some established actors, alan arkin, and greg kinnear, and some other great performers to make a fantastic ensemble cast.

this movie is a testament to the value of family and that happiness can be found in helping others.

be well!!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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