Movie Recommendation for Teens: How to Live a Life of Excellence and Happiness

when you want to know about life, you go to a rabbi, a priest, an iman? wrong! you go to a sushi chef. not just any sushi chef, you go to the world’s best sushi chef. you go to jiro.

as awesome as his sushi must be, he life story is as well. while only a few of us will be able to make the pilgrimage to his famous 10 seat sushi bar located in a train station in japan, we can all share the story of his pursuit of excellence and happiness.

a documentary was made about jiro and his life. the movie entitled “jiro dreams of sushi ” is a “must see” movie for every teenager. it should be required viewing for teenagers in school.

i am always cautious to write a recommendation that will not spoil those who watch the movie. thus, in sum, the documentary is about someone who overcame a very difficult childhood, who sacrificed for his family. who sacrificed to become the greatest sushi chef in the world. who spent time and working on his relationships with his sons. who demands so much upon himself, and who finds happiness in life in his craft and seeing the fruits of his success in the customers who enjoy their most excellent meal. he is so devoted, as the document’s title, he dreams of sushi.

this movie is available with commercials on youtube and pluto. it also may be available on other streaming services.

this film displays the similarities of far eastern culture with western ten commandments’ based cultures. the notions of work ethic, respect for elders, and respect for family are all on display.

be well!!

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