Old School Disneyland and the Ten Commandments

disneyland, back in the day, had a ticket system for their rides. park attendees would receive a book of tickets. the tickets were given the letters “a” through “e.” rides in the park were assigned a ticket value. an “a” ticket was for lesser rides such as the carousel. the “e” ticket was for the best rides such as the matterhorn.

the term “e ticket ride” has entered into common culture. it is used to describe the “newest, most advanced, or popular” of rides or attractions. wikipedia.

my childhood disney experiences consisted trying to use every ticket “a” through “e.” no ride was too small, no ride too big. we raced around the park finding in search of the big and the small.

ten commandments’ observance is the same. there are some big commandments’ experiences as well as little ones.

honoring your parents can have many levels. an “a” ride experience of following this commandment would be calling your parents, a “c” ride, graduating high school, a “d” ride, getting married, and the ultimate “e” ride, making your parents grandparents.

celebrating shabbat can have many levels of experience: shabbat meals, shabbat services, shabbat get-togethers and shabbat relaxation. each one can be graded differently.

the ten commandments are not just one incredible moment or experience. ten commandments observance involves a range of small and large moments.

so, be open to enjoy and experience all of life’s moments.

be well!!

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