Some People Act Like Grown Ups, He Did, He Made the Movie: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

adam sandler just had his greatest acting moment. sorry, happy gilmore bobby boucher in “waterboy” and billy madison can’t compare adam sandler’s award winning performance was in real life, being yourself. he was with his daughter and he, unlike other parents, acted like an adult.

an adam sandler ihop restaurant appearance went viral. he went to place himself on the waiting list for a table. the waitress did not not recognize him because of his covid-19 mask and was told of a 30 minute wait time. not wanting to wait that long, he politely left with his daughter from the restaurant.

the waitress, due to her belief that she had made a mistake by not giving him an apparent celebrity privilege, issued an apology. this apology went viral. mr. sandler kindly responded.

she, however, did not made a mistake. there were other hungry customers that were waiting. perhaps, someone ahead of mr. sandler, who was a fan, could have provided him their spot.

mr. sandler’s politeness was something that his daughters can admire. mr. sandler recognizes that, despite his fame, he deserves as much respect as any other customer.

mr. sandler’s behavior is in contrast to the college admissions scandal’s parents. they were willing to use their wealth to have their children obtain admissions at institutions which may have been out of their academic reach. this illicit action was most likely done for both parental pride and their drive to make their children happy no matter the cost or risk.

as much as the ten commandments requires that children to honor their mother and father, sometimes parents need to step up and provide examples as to why they are deserving of honor. mr. sandler did. his children will benefit from his kindness.

be well!!

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