And the Lord Said, “Thou Shall Not Wear Large Designer Logos?” A Ten Commandments’ Tale

while designer brand logos raise issues concerning idolatry, they also may raise issues concerning adultery. a recent scientific study indicates that large designed logos may indicate promiscuity.

according to a recent study, men who were “large logo shirts would be more interested in brief sexual affairs and less interested in long-term, committed romantic relationships, compared with the men who owned the small logo shirts, explained the study‚Äôs author, evolutionary psychologist daniel kruger. ” the study involved “two ralph lauren shirts, one with a large logo and another with a much smaller logo on it.”

the study also found “students believed men who wore the top with the smaller ralph lauren logo were more likely to want deeper intimacy.” supra.

the study begs the question of “when a husband comes out of the closet sporting the large polo horse on his shirt, is this a warning sign for their spouse?”

this question, however humorous, allows for discussion of another important issue for those wishing to enter into and maintain a committed marriage.

men, during the course of their dating, develop skills to attract women. these skills can include jokes, compliments, and choice of apparel. these skills are learned, practiced, and perfected. thus, when a man enters a committed relationship, the question is whether they will file these skills away and devote their time to their monogamous relationship.

for women searching for a committed husband, flirting skills can bleed over marriage and cause problems. thus, in choosing a committed spouse, women need to address this issue.

in sum, in modern times, what may be relationship attracting short-term may be long-term relationship problematic.

be well!!

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