The House That Desperately Needed The Ten Commandments: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

if there was any house in need of the ten commandments, it was the stackhouse residence. if only the ten commandments were plastered in every room and hallway. perhaps, tragedy could have been avoided.

in a time when people decry the ten commandments as an archaic, dated and irrelevant document, news stories prove quite the opposite. there are news stories of ten commandment principles and values proving for success and happiness. there are other news stories, however, in which individuals act unprincipled and without values that are sad and depressing. these stories makes one wonder whether increased ten commandments’ instruction, awareness and acceptance could have provided some prophylaxis.

this ten commandments’ story is told by allegation. the actual story, by news accounts, is cloudy. while this post is not about the commandment against lying, it certainly could be. in sum, the actual facts of the story are convoluted.

this is the story of a special piece of cheesecake. a father’s day slice. the story ends a five year old son’s murder.

according to the accounts, mr. stackhouse, was angered by his three children eating his prized slice. he proceeded to strike his five-year-old son. his son allegedly died as a result of the assault. mr. stackhouse has pled guilty to his son’s homicide.

this story could have been about coveting. perhaps, the stackhouse children coveted their father’s special cake slice.

this story could have been about theft. did the stackhouse family have house rules concerning food? was the taking of this slice a violation of these rules and thus constitute a theft? this is not apparent from the news accounts.

this story could have been about honoring one’s parents. were the stackhouse children aware of the fact that their father viewed the cake slice as special and intended for him. if so, did the stackhouse children, out of respect for their father, seek permission before indulging on the cake?

sadly, this is the story of murder. allegedly, in anger, mr. stackhouse beat his son to death.

was mr. stackhouse right to be angry? perhaps. one’s anger needs to be carefully analyzed. was mr. stackhouse angered because he was hungry and now had nothing to eat? was he angered because his children were disrespecting him by eating his cake? was he angered because he knew he had failed to raise children that would show him respect?

mr. stackhouse’s anger may have been driven by these multiple reasons. he could have taken his anger and channeled into a teaching moment for his children. the lesson would have been about coveting, theft and honoring one’s parents. he could have explained to them that if they wanted to have the cake that they should have asked his permission. this lesson certainly would have been remembered into adulthood.

instead, mr. stackhouse’s surviving children were taught the painful commandment of the prohibition against murder.

again, to those who believe that the ten commandments are a relic of the past, this horrible story proves you wrong. the ten commandments are needed as they have been needed in every generation. certainly, the stackhouse family, in retrospect, would most likely agree.

be well!!

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