The “Not So” Smart Father Who Became a “Genius”: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

when i was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant i could hardly stand to have the old man around. but when i got to be twenty-one, i was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years

mark twain

a family that laughs together stays together.

this is the story of how our “not so smart” father, subjected to years of jokes and mockery, found redemption. his rise from “not so smart” to “brilliance,” laid to waste his childrens’ decades long teasing.

our “not so smart” father has always been a dreamer. he always dreamed of making it “big.” he was the “idea” man. there was always a “get rich” business plan on his mind.

living in los angeles, there was of course his famous movie and tv series proposals. there were a multitude of other eye rolling business ideas.

his board room was the dinner table. the meetings often conducted at friday night dinner. many times, he had an audience of guests who were subjected to these pitches intended to elevate him to living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. often, it was a “gong show” episode live. they were humorous.

there was one pitch, however, which led to comic eruption. it was mt. vesuvius-like. all those present that fateful day ended up coated with tears of laughter. this, all at the expense of our dear father.

he started it, however. our father, besides being the next budding ron popeil, was the lead joker. he accepted humor in his household. jokes were like punches. you had to learn to take them if you were going to sit at the table. no meal would be complete without a course of laughter. everybody sitting down was a target. he could take a joke like the best of them.

about the 1980s, there was the first “great frozen yogurt period” in the united states. penguin’s yogurt was abound. this frozen yogurt period should not be confused with the second “great frozen yogurt” period in about 2013, when pink berry rocked the food industry.

during the” first great frozen yogurt period” in america, our “not so smart” father announced what we thought was the craziest proposal ever. he suggested putting the best frozen yogurt in a food truck and selling it at college campuses. he would spread the word that he was coming and show up.

we laughed so hard we fell out of our chairs. he was humorously ripped to shreds. this was his most ridiculous plan he had ever conceived. it was so bad that it became annual fodder at the dinner table. our dear father was a marked man.

something happened….

perhaps 20 years after his “dream,” the food truck revolution took place. the “not so smart” father, we had to concede, was now a visionary. perhaps, in a twisted way, he invented food truck revolution. he was the george washington of food trucks! food trucks now are all over the united states specializing in selling all sorts of food delicacies. a frozen yogurt food truck is more of a reality than fantasy.

the dinner table of jokes was now turned in the other direction. we now openly confess of our dear father’s “genius.” we practice now self-immolation with deprecating humor each time we re-tell this tale. after decades, we became the “not so smart” children. score one for dad!

while we have no family frozen yogurt food truck fortune, the story of this lost opportunity remains pure family gold.

be well!!

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