In a Time of Craziness, Thank God There is Dr. Muhammad Awad

the most recent palestinian-israeli conflict has evoked strong emotions on both sides.

dr. muhammad awad’s courage is one of the few things worthwhile acknowledging. dr. awad’s story should evokes “hope.”

according to the, dr. muhammad awad, an e.r. doctor, with a medical team, was injured trying to save the life of a jewish israeli man during an attempted lynching. the man, who was running errands, was violently beaten and stabbed during rioting in an arab village.

“we entered the protest with all of our strength and found the man suffering from a stab wound to his neck and contusions all over his body,” said awad. “people were continuing to hit him. we yelled at everyone to stop immediately and we tried to extricate him from the angry mob. that is when we began to get hit ourselves.” “people kept trying to hit him even after we loaded him up and tried to get him in the ambulance. i covered him with my own body and this is how i saved his life.” “this all took place in the heart of the village during the protests. this is where cars were burnt and where it is dangerous for even the police to enter,” explained awad. despite the danger, awad said the team ran in “even knowing that we would be injured and beaten ourselves.”

dr. ohad hochman stated “he[awad] is a symbol of the beautiful coexistence of the bnai zion medical center.  our diverse staff works together in peace and harmony to benefit the people of haifa and northern israel.”

thus, let’s take a brief moment during these trying times to experience the sense of hope that dr. awad provides. much appreciation is due to dr. awad and his staff.

again, we should thank god for making people such as dr. awad and staff. they are truly what makes this world a better place.

be well!!

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