If Man Wrote the Torah, Should You Be More Impressed? A Ten Commandments’ Shavuout Tale

comedians, prior to performing their act, often go to clubs unannounced and work on the their routine. they take the time to perfect the act. they keep the jokes that work and dismiss the others. with the the ones that work, they perfect the words, the delivery, the timing and the inflection. many successful acts are the culmination of considerable time, effort, and editing.

music bands and artists can take their whole life experience and talent and place it into their first album. as a result, their first album may end up being their best album. many musicians end up incapable of replicating the passion and originality they employed in their first one.

humanity, likewise, had an opportunity to work on its craft before creating one of its first history texts. homo sapiens have lived for approximately 200,000 years. a long period of that time was without the skill of writing. thus, over 100,000 years plus of oral traditions and wisdom may have been passed on generation to generation before it was finally reduced in writing. perhaps, the torah represents humanity’s best stories, traditions and wisdom from earlier times before writing’s creation.

thus, a torah skeptic should appreciate that, assuming that humanity created the torah, that the torah amounts to humanity’s reduction of millennium of wisdom. in essence, the torah is humanity’s greatest hits, part 1.

study of the torah, however, may give one a different belief. the brilliance and complexity of the torah can lead one to conclude that god, in fact, authored the text.

be well!!

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