The Domestication of Humanity? A Ten Commandments’ Story

“believe the science.” science has been weaponized to support popular positions. science has been used to demonize the bible. does the bible, however, show examples of scientific method?

a late russian scientist, dmitry belyaev, conducted an experiment of which addresses this particular question. his research suggests that even god understands and applies science.

dr. belyaev’s scientific goal was to domesticate foxes.

thus, the question posited is whether god, as documented in the torah, domesticated man?

dr. belyvaev was investigating the domestication of dogs and sought to experiment with foxes. he sought to domesticate them. thus he … visited fur farms across the soviet union and purchased the tamest foxes on hand. he also took the breeding in an opposite direction and came up with the position that ” this result showed certain aspects of the fox’s behavior could be tied to genetics and spotted during breeding.” Science Mar 31, 2017

“unfortunately, belyaev died before seeing the final results. but today, 58 years after the start of the program, there is now a large, sustainable population of domesticated foxes. these animals have no fear of humans, and actively seek out human companionship. The most friendly are known as “elite” foxes. Science Mar 31, 2017

thus, did god employ a scientific method when he guided humanity through its infancy to nations? the torah documents god’s search and selection certain individuals grow humanity. noah, abraham, isaac, jacob, joseph and moses are six particular individuals for whom god found interest in his scientific experiment. did god recognize them as having special qualities to grow a nation? what were these qualities that he based his selection?

specifically with moses, did he chose someone who has a sense of justice and a willingness to study and interpret ordinances, statutes and laws? thus, was his intent to create just and studious individuals?

be well!!

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