Powering Through For Success: Learned Lessons: The Challenge of Uncertainty

uncertainty is a trap which holds us back. uncertainty gives us an excuse to stop pursuing our dreams and goals.

admittedly, there are times when there is the need to “wait on the sidelines.” for example, there may be uncertainty based upon data. one looking to buy a home may wish to wait when there is an overheated market. sometimes, there may be value in taking one’s time.

other times, uncertainty is the unknown. also, there is uncertainty when we do not have instantaneous gratification or results.

one pathway to success is about laying a foundation, maintaining principles, and believing in oneself. patience allows for one to overcome rough spots. patience allows for one to power through difficult or discouraging times.

this blog’s 200th post is a testament to the concept of powering through. overcoming doubt is a great opportunity to prove oneself.

in sum, with all of your endeavors, if you commit the time and efforts, there is a great opportunity for success and satisfaction.

be well!!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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