A Nobel Encounter: A Moment in Time With Isaac B. Singer

many decades ago, i acted as a runner at a publication. occasionally, i would sneak into events with as a press member to secure interviews.

my biggest catch, perhaps, was the nobel prize laureate, isaac b. singer. he came to the news recently with the publication of a prayer he had written in 1952.

my story perhaps gives some insight into the man. to secure the interview, i waited in green room where mr. singer to come before his lecture. he came in with his protective manager. she guarded him in mother-like fashion. he was exhausted, worn out, and almost lifeless. i spoke with him briefly and he graciously granted the publication an interview after the event. my mission was accomplished. with nowhere to go, i sat quietly with mr. singer for an extended period of time. my mind was racked as to how this elderly man had the energy to get out of his seat let alone give a speech. his manager brought him his notes. it was a huge piece of manuscript with his various written notes. it was reminiscent of a biblical scroll. it was ragged and well used.

he went on. as he spent more time on the podium, mr. singer transformed. he tapped into the audience’s goodwill and adoration. he was energized and dynamic. one of my favorite moments in seeing this energy transfer was when a woman asked him about how he felt being a “sex symbol.” he was embarrassed in a good way. he loved it. truly, the audience’s love for him was his source of his strength.

in the prayer written in 1952, by mr. singer included language: “grasp of the universe, fill my coronary heart with love for my folks, and relaxation for the soul. let me see the creator in each creature, its mercy for every factor it creates.” rvarticle.com as my story illustrated, mr. singer truly understood the power of positive energy of love and adoration. for him, he used it to deliver his creativity and artistry to the world.

be well!!

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