When You Peel Back The Onion, You Will Never Know What You Will Find: A Ten Commandments’ Story

well, I won’t back down
no, I won’t back down
you can stand me up at the gates of hell
but i won’t back down

tom petty

human beings are like onions. we have layers. just start peeling.

while there is much to see on the surface, underneath, there are layers of substance.

these layers will reveal, among other things, pain, anger, determination, happiness, and contentment. you may even find an immovable force.

cancel culture poked at what they thought was a mere banjo player. they were greatly mistaken. they poked a bear, who didn’t like it.

this banjo player’s cardinal sin was the expression of interest in a book about the “anti-fascist” movement. predictably, cancel culture went after him hard. he tried to apologize and that did not go well.

in all of their ignorance, this toxic culture went after a man whose family suffered horribly at the hands of “fascists.” his family lost thirteen relatives in the holocaust.

this event let the world now see this man’s inner layers. he now reveals his conviction towards his believes. he feels so strongly that he is leaving his band to protect his mates.

thus, we owe our congratulations and our debt to mr. winston marshall. he has sacrificed his musical career, at this moment, to provide his voice to the world.

as voiced, “the truth is that reporting on extremism at the great risk of endangering oneself is unquestionably brave.” who said it? mr. marshall of course.

be well!!

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