Purple Reign, Purple Reign: Moses vs. David

michael jackson was the king of pop. michael jackson was a multi-talented showman. his hit album “thriller” was on the verge of being permanently number one on the pop chart. something happened. there was new royalty. a prince. with a “purple rain.” the album “purple rain” took down the king of pop. prince, while aContinue reading “Purple Reign, Purple Reign: Moses vs. David”

Baby Moses Monday: Reflections on a Commentary

there is a commentary on the torah, a midrash, which tells the story of a baby moses. it is as follows: “pharaoh’s daughter “loved” baby moses as if he were her own. because he was “so handsome” everyone liked to see him and could not turn away from him. pharaoh himself kissed and hugged moses,Continue reading “Baby Moses Monday: Reflections on a Commentary”

A Growing Voice? The Maturation of Moses

this blog post is about moses’ voice. ironically, the torah recounting of the espisode does not have moses speaking at at? thus, if one does not speak, how can their voice mature? after moses murdered the task master and had controntation with the hebrew who successfully questioned moses’ moral authority, he fled to the landContinue reading “A Growing Voice? The Maturation of Moses”

Having or Lacking a Voice: Rodney King vs. Moses

a voice is more than words. a voice is more than sound. a voice is more than inflection. there is also experience. the voice is also credibility. the voice is also authority. who says something may be more important than the words that are spoken. for example, your brother could tell you to take outContinue reading “Having or Lacking a Voice: Rodney King vs. Moses”