It Takes One To Get Together: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

One day this all will change, treat people the same

we would all be fortunate live in nazareth with their mayor ali salam. with the surrounding communities impacted by historic wildfires, nazareth has become a place of refuge for those living around jerusalem. he is proving himself as a transformative leader.

mr. ali salam stated “i believe in coexistence and i want us to live together,” he told the station, according to israeli news outlet walla.  “i believe that i live in a country and that i must to give all the appropriate services to the citizens of the whole country. i do it from the heart, and most importantly, so they can rest and that they can have peace and feel at home.” “life comes first, before one talks about money,” salam said. “the most precious thing in the world is a human life. the businessmen i turn to are both supportive and responsive, and many of them have called to say they are willing to accept people in their homes if the hotels are filled.”

the mood of cooperation extended to those fighting the fire. both israeli and palestinian firefighters worked together to control the wildfire.

mr. salam’s outreach has had an impact. michal ben yehuda stated: “i am very moved to listen to ali, i am so moved by his words, and we do not have enough words to say: thank you, thank you, thank you,” ben yehuda said. “it’s not taken for granted.”

mr. salam has told an individual seeking refuge that there “no need to say thank you” “you are one of us, we are together and we will continue together; we are family and we will continue as family.”

this story in part tells us that it is not the tragedy that brings people together, it is one’s reaction to the tragedy that can make a difference. mr. salam’s reaction is creating an opportunity for oneness. the compassionate reaction and the actions taken in furtherance of it is what plants the seeds for a greater peace. mr. salam’s leadership opened the door to positive things.

while there is the momentum, the impacted communities must actively plan future opportunities to continue this positive moment. after the wildfires are stopped, there will be clean up efforts and the re-planting of trees needed. with this needed, all communities and religious affiliations will have another opportunity to get together as one.

be well!!

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