DIY Moses: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

Neo i know that’s what it looks like, but it’s not. i can’t explain to you why it’s not. morpheus believes in something and he was ready to give his life, i understand that now. that’s why i have to go.

Tank why?

Neo because i believe in something.

Trinity what?

Neo i believe I can bring him back.


there may be a moment in time in which you may need to get “out of your element” to help. in this moment, the thought of going out of your way to save other’s lives was perhaps not something ever contemplated. in the moment, there is the transformation. there is something within yourself that may be calling you to act. as with neo in the movie martix, his belief motivated his action.

moses, a fugitive, shepherder, and an individual who had self-doubt, was instilled with the belief he could take on the role of an emancipator by the master of the universe. his tale was written down and preserved for thousands of years to be the inspiration for freedom.

politicians and their supporters often throw out moses’ name as a display of their leadership mettle.

sometimes, however, they use the name but fail with the emancipator role.

the term DIY stands for “do it yourself.” with the leadership failures in both state and federal governments, individuals have come forward to take on extraordinary roles.

many years ago, i was blessed to meet congressman darrell issa his wife years ago, at a holiday party. both the congressman and his wife were gracious and we had a wonderful discussion government. we never discussed the need of having to get out of one’s element and do something extraordinary.

with the afghan refugee crisis, congressman issa found his inner “moses” and believed that he could make a difference. while mr. issa is in government, he is not part of the controlling party. despite that, he took on his necessary role.

“amidst the heartbreak of yesterday and the chaos that has gripped afghanistan for weeks, we continue to make extraordinary progress in bringing our people home,” congressman issa said in a friday statement. “it is an honor to help rescue and reunite families and loved ones, but we still have more work to do.”

mr. issa has helped rescue six families, a total of 23 individuals.

“this has been an around-the-clock operation, and individuals inside of government and outside of it deserve our deepest thanks,” issa said. “but more members of our community still need our help. the mission is to bring our people home, and we will continue to do it.”

in sum, mr. issa is one of many individuals who have gotten out of their element and have taken extraordinary measures to find others freedom. this is yet additional proof that individuals make a difference.

be well!!

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