Substance Over Sustenance, #challah gate: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

as insulting as the breakfast tacos of san antonio… the historic inflation of racial, ethnic & religious insults from democratic party leaders has hit another high. it only took the short time from a san antonio breakfast taco to a new york city friday night “challah” to score this embarrassment. a challah is a jewishContinue reading “Substance Over Sustenance, #challah gate: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

“Not Sure” But “Damn Close”: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the mike judge’s 2006, movie idiocracy is far from being a great movie. it, however, is an important movie. a “must see” movie. it is perhaps the “1984” of movies. given a recent poll, idiocracy may have predicted who will win the 2024 united states presidential election. mr. mike judge, along with writer mr. etanContinue reading ““Not Sure” But “Damn Close”: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

From The Torah to Present Day, Disgraceful Spies Are…Disgraceful: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

recent admissions as to the authenticity of content of hunter biden’s laptop computer have been disturbing. 51 so called “spies,” during the height of the presidential campaign, essentially signed a letter advising that the laptop computer’s contents was russian disinformation. the new york post has written extensively on the topic. this letter provided cover forContinue reading “From The Torah to Present Day, Disgraceful Spies Are…Disgraceful: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

Question Authority? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

my belief in authority was shattered by one small incident. i changed law firms to go to one which was both innovative and embraced technology. they even employed their own programmer. this job change occurred during the “jurassic” era of computing. i was enticed by the promise of a laptop computer and the ability toContinue reading “Question Authority? A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

DIY Moses: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

Neo : i know that’s what it looks like, but it’s not. i can’t explain to you why it’s not. morpheus believes in something and he was ready to give his life, i understand that now. that’s why i have to go. Tank : why? Neo : because i believe in something. Trinity : what? Neo : i believe I can bring him back. matrix,Continue reading “DIY Moses: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

California Needs (Groucho) Marxism

politics is the garden of eden of incompetence groucho marx groucho marx was not only the best marx brother, he was the best marx period! you can bet your life that god had little clue what he created with groucho what he unleashed onto the planet. he provided generations of laughter for americans that wasContinue reading “California Needs (Groucho) Marxism”