Thou Shalt Not Tweet: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

during the pandemic, i read a history book concerning disease. the book detailed how humanity was able to identify a disease, determine the disease’s cause, and develop policies, treatments, and medicines to address the disease.

the book demonstrated periods of trial and error with respect to tackling disease. addressing disease was never monolithic. many voices, correct and incorrect, led to a greater understanding of the disease. there was never a total consensus from beginning to end on how to address a disease.

thus, covid-19 censorship may be suppressing the process of developing truthful and accurate medical information and policy.

twitter just permanently banned mr. alex berenson, a covid-19 reporter. his final offensive tweet included reference to a pending report from israel that may indicate that those infected with covid-19, have 13 times the immunity than those who took the vaccine.

mr. berenson qualifications as a reporter are as good as any other journalist. he used to work for the nytimes and he went to yale. he wrote a book concerning science entitled “tell your children”, published in January 2019.

for those who wish to question mr. berenson, a simple internet search will reveal a derek thompson article from the atlantic which starts off ” in a crowded field of wrongness, one person [alex berenson] stands out.” thus, there is ample negative information concerning mr. berenson’s advocacy available for consumption.

as it now stands, we are all consumers of information concerning covid-19. history will be the judge as to who was right and wrong.

thus, twitter’s censorship is inappropriate. history is the judge of the truth not twitter.

the scientific study which mr. berenson’s referenced would be quite disruptive of the current public policy push. if those who have naturally contracted covid-19 have greater immunity than those vaccinated, then the concept of vaccination passes is both illogical and not scientific. if the scientific study is accurate, then a strong argument can be made that those with natural covid-19 anti-bodies should not be discriminated against if they choose not to be vaccinated.

therefore, censorship may serve the role of propping up bogus policies that are scientifically dishonest.

in sum, if mr. berenson is proved correct and twitter wrong, will twitter admit to it and ban the individuals who censored mr. berenson from censoring others?

be well!!

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