What To Do With “Timing”: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

two peoples fortunes dramatically shifted when elon musk purchased twitter: the creator of the libsoftiktok and former president donald trump. the libsoftiktok twitter account, without the musk acquisition, would likely have been suspended or frozen permanently.  the popular account which has garnished social clout and influence became a target for the left.  a washington postContinue reading “What To Do With “Timing”: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

Thou Shalt Not Tweet: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

during the pandemic, i read a history book concerning disease. the book detailed how humanity was able to identify a disease, determine the disease’s cause, and develop policies, treatments, and medicines to address the disease. the book demonstrated periods of trial and error with respect to tackling disease. addressing disease was never monolithic. many voices,Continue reading “Thou Shalt Not Tweet: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

The Angry Truth: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

anger can tell you much about a person. self-deception causes anger. misreading or misjudging brings forth anger. one’s lack of faith in oneself as a truth seeker is disturbing. this anger projects both outward and inward. this anger can manifest in lashing out at others. a recent outburst from professor laurence tribe provides an excellentContinue reading “The Angry Truth: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”