The “One Day” When God Was Happy: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

god envisioned the impaired to play a big part of his plan. moses, who was speech impaired, was asked to be god’s spokesperson to free his people from bondage. moses, despite god’s assurances, was reluctant. to accommodate moses, god added his moses’ brother aaron to assist. moses’ fear held him back. perhaps, after moses, godContinue reading “The “One Day” When God Was Happy: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

Critical God Theory: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

“sometimes i lay under the moon and thank god i’m breathin’then i pray, “don’t take me soon ’cause i am here for a reason.”” matisyahu, one day arguably, the torah’s most important exchange occurs when moses is tasked by god to free the hebrew slaves. at this point, moses expresses doubt he is up forContinue reading “Critical God Theory: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

Harriet Tubman, Max Freed, and Power of Impacting Generations to Come

harriet tubman is a legend. as part of the underground railroad, she navigated slaves to freedom. she is the “moses of her people.” a book published about her in 1886, by ms. sarah bradford, was also with that title. ms. tubman is credited for doing 13 missions in which she saved 70 lives. wikipedia. today,Continue reading “Harriet Tubman, Max Freed, and Power of Impacting Generations to Come”

Purple Reign, Purple Reign: Moses vs. David

michael jackson was the king of pop. michael jackson was a multi-talented showman. his hit album “thriller” was on the verge of being permanently number one on the pop chart. something happened. there was new royalty. a prince. with a “purple rain.” the album “purple rain” took down the king of pop. prince, while aContinue reading “Purple Reign, Purple Reign: Moses vs. David”

Den-Nation! Fox Cub Dominance. World Order Explained?

a researcher studied fox dens. fox cubs were observed from birth to the point they left the den to enter the world. this was documented in the paper “juvenile behavioural development and intra-litter hierarchy establishment in captive red fox cubs(vulpes vulpes.)” sandra alvarez-betancourt. “observations of captive foxes and infrared video of wild fox earths suggest thatContinue reading “Den-Nation! Fox Cub Dominance. World Order Explained?”

Buddha vs. Moses: Different Perspectives When Exiting the Palace

both buddha and moses shared a similar life experience. their actions, however, were profoundly different. both buddha and moses were palace dwellers. buddha, for the earlier part of his life, was sheltered in a palace. the buddha was disillusioned with palace life. as a result, he left and had four visits outside the palace whichContinue reading “Buddha vs. Moses: Different Perspectives When Exiting the Palace”

One of The Hardest Things To Do: Taking Advice From Others

we all have times when we struggle. we have family problems. we have relationship problems. we have work problems. sometimes, it is our conduct which is causing the struggle. we act in a way that contributes to the problem. we, however, cannot get out of our own way. we hold in our belief system thatContinue reading “One of The Hardest Things To Do: Taking Advice From Others”

Leaders Come in Many Shapes or Forms: This Was And Is Part of the Plan

the ten commandments’ story involves god recruiting a physically disabled person, moses, who had a speech deficit, to be his spokesman. exodus 4:10-11. from the bible passages, god’s plan was that the disabled are to play an important role in the world. a role just like everyone else. mr. xavier degroat is such a leader.Continue reading “Leaders Come in Many Shapes or Forms: This Was And Is Part of the Plan”

Baby Moses Monday: Reflections on a Commentary

there is a commentary on the torah, a midrash, which tells the story of a baby moses. it is as follows: “pharaoh’s daughter “loved” baby moses as if he were her own. because he was “so handsome” everyone liked to see him and could not turn away from him. pharaoh himself kissed and hugged moses,Continue reading “Baby Moses Monday: Reflections on a Commentary”

Moses Impossible? Casting Tom Cruise. A Man On A Mission

the ten commandments’ story is about a societal buy-in. it is about taking an oppressed people and transforming them into a nation. a nation that would be based upon values and morals pursuant to the torah and the ten commandments. a nation of justice for all and a nation that had societal responsibilities to takeContinue reading “Moses Impossible? Casting Tom Cruise. A Man On A Mission”