Read Between The Lies: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

there is a universal understanding that you run the risk of insulting an individual when you insult their group or people. comedian dave chappell, in a recent comedy special, noted that starting a comment “the” when referring to a group of people can be a recipe for disaster.

left leaning commentator ana kasparian virally tweeted: “‘i’m a woman. please don’t ever refer to me as a person with a uterus, birthing person, or person who menstruates. how do people not realize how degrading this is?”

a number of the reactions carried with them a similar theme. one of them was: “‘those words are meant for AFAB [assigned female at birth] people as a category, not individual people. get a grip,’ transgender journalist katelyn burns.”

these reactions are patently dishonest. these terms, which refer to people, females, are insulting. they reduce women to bodily functions. would you refer to both jewish and islamic men as “ritually circumcised” males? as we know, talking about a people can offend individuals. one can only reasonably conclude that the terms truly are intended to be insulting. they are meant to degrade females.

further evidence of this is the fact that trans movement attacks are mostly directed on women. there is little if any controversy with respect to trans individuals who are entering the men’s world. where are the complaints of them supplanting males in sports? where is the controversy that disproportionately winning races or setting record times?

there is a reason for the disparity. men, in general, are competitive and seek to dominate. they desire to be in charge; to be the alpha. as such, one must wonder whether those transitioning wish to be part of sisterhood or control it? arguably, this naming game essentially a way of setting the foundation to play the game of oppressor and oppressed.

within this game, the trans movement is betting on their community’s life struggles to crown themselves as the oppressed in this battle. thus, they are taken aback when another leftist finally declared, “no, you are now the oppressors!” as such, we are left with a marxist skirmish. the battlefield is victim versus victim.

in sum, the term “assigned female at birth” is one of the most insulting statement that any human being could make to another. we are who we are. socialist labeling is not welcome.

be well!!

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