Thou Shalt Not Covet Your Victims: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in houston, a horrific crime occurred. a robber, not satisfied with stealing money, picked up and slammed his victim to the concrete. the victim, a vietnamese woman sustained a severe spinal injury necessitating medical attention. a gofundme page was set up for this woman and the campaign succeeded the estimated goal.

the alleged perpetrator was caught, arrested, and put in jail. while pending adjudication of the criminal charges. during this time, he found out about the funds raised to take care of his victim’s medical expenses.

it is reported, in a jailhouse recorded call, that the following conversation took place:

‘the lady probably wants justice and some more ****. they’ll try to max me out 20 years basically. that *****. i ain’t going for it. the ***** already ran up $230,000 off GoFundMe. ***** better run on with her life..’ he further, allegedly said, ‘we were snatching purses. i hopped out, snatched the purse, the lady ran with the money, i grabbed her, slammed her and she was paralyzed.’

it is clear that the accused not only has no remorse for his crime but he also harbors contempt for his victim. he covets the fact that people are concerned about her medical concerns and welfare and do not want her and her family to suffer.

given this, one can justly opine that he is totally undeserving of any mercy from the court. any sentence less than the maximum is to be considered an affront to justice. any judge, who would exact some mercy upon such an individual, should have their positioned questioned. further, the public should campaign from their removal from the bench.

something akin to this sentiment was expressed by mr. douglas griffith, the ‘ said president of houston police officers union: ‘if this kid gets out of jail, he is going to victimize more individuals. he does not care about anyone but himself, and for the judge to lower his bond baffles my mind. I can’t wrap my head around it. This kid is a danger to others and the community and needs to be locked up.’ ”

in sum, the fact that the accused covets his victim should be considered as a sign of the lack of remorse and worse.

be well!!

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