What To Do With “Timing”: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

two peoples fortunes dramatically shifted when elon musk purchased twitter: the creator of the libsoftiktok and former president donald trump.

the libsoftiktok twitter account, without the musk acquisition, would likely have been suspended or frozen permanently.  the popular account which has garnished social clout and influence became a target for the left.  a washington post hit piece, with apparent assistance from germany, has been accused of doxing  the twitter site operator in an apparent attempt to destroy the site.  the “timing” for the attack on libsoftiktok was not good.  elon musk’s acquisition of twitter stock and his offer to buy the company may have  a kiboshed any attempt suspend the account.  doing so, at the time, would have had both political and financial fallout.  as a result,  the account was saved and continues to operate.

with mr. musk’s involvement and now ownership of twitter, former president donald trump, who was suspended from twitter, may now have an opportunity to re-engage the social media site.  his “timing” situation is much different than the libsoftiktok.   he is involved and committed to his own truth social media site.  a site that was in part created due to his suspension from twitter.  now, truth social’s financial future and social media legacy are now in doubt.  a revival on twitter of mr. trump will not help his platform.

in these instances, the “timing” of a huge event outside of their control, uniquely impacted them in a profound way.  the “timing” issue, likewise, have cost businesses fortunes.  the naming of a disease can be devastating to products.  the medical term “aids” damaged a dietary chocolate product which carried the same name.  the corona beer brand was damaged when the term “coronavirus” was frequently used in the media to describe covid-19.

“timing” can be a moment of testing.   the ten commandments were delivered initially in oral form.  those present were forced to react to the fact that they were now free people but were going to be subject to both laws respecting god and humankind.  when moses went up on mt. sinai to receive the physical laws on tablets, individuals either had faith in the process or lost faith and embarked on constructing a golden calf and devolving into idol worship.

“timing” is now a moment of testing for both tiktokoflibs and former president donald trump.  while tiktokoflibs’ twitter presence saved by elon musk’s acquisition,  the event is a wake up call for her to expand her horizons.  it is reported that she is now working with other companies and expanding her presence outside of twitter.  for her, it was a lesson in the fragility of her operation.  her success has placed her in the cross-hairs of the powerful.  her expansion prevents a “kill shot.”  she can now absorb a loss on one site.

“timing” for mr. trump is perhaps in the opposite position.  with his brand, his fans, and his own platform, truth social,  his best move is to make his platform exclusive to his content.  he can drive individuals to “truth social.”  he should, however, use other social media such as twitter and youtube to drive traffic to his platform.

with covid-19, each and everyone of us has been subject to big event “timing” shaping our lives.  while “timing” places us in situations unpredicted or desired,  we must employ careful consideration and the right moves are essential.  one cannot stick their head in the ground and wait for things to pass.  decisions should be made on what actions should be taken or whether taking no action is the best course.   with the two examples presented, these individuals are on the precipice of making decisions that can either sustain or destroy their endeavors.

be well!!

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