Oh, the Places You’ll Go: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

oh, the places you’ll go

dr. seuss

dr. seuss may have had individuals such as ms. pinina tamano-shata in mind when he penned these famous words.

when ms. pinina tamano-shata historically took the position as israel’s minister of aliyah and integration as the first of ethiopian descent, her main focus was in part to complete the relocation of the beta israel to israel.

it is hard to imagine that the first concerted beta israel aliyah took place almost 40 years ago with operation moses in 1984. since then, there have been other operations such as solomon and joshua increased the numbers immigrating. when she took office, however, completing beta israel immigration was unfinished business.

after taking office, perhaps she never would have conceived that she would called on to take the world stage in a historic time. her office was confronted with another longstanding jewish community in urgent need of services.

the russia-ukranian conflict created large numbers of ukrainian jews seeking to relocate to israel. this event has tested minister tamano-shata’s leadership and ability to manage a crisis. she has met the test. she has traveled to the war torn ukraine to make assessments. her important role is evidenced by her being the second israel minister to visit ukraine after the conflict. timesofisrael.com with the publicity over these events, her leadership is now on display and is being noticed. jpost.com

as minister, she now has two major fronts to address. it is reported that she caused a stir in conflating to ethiopian immigration with the ukranian situation. this type of conflict and different voices are a sign of a healthy in a representative government. her efforts may be an impetus to reinvigorate the beta israel efforts. israelhayom.com minister tamano-shate will perhaps become a master juggler in these most interesting times.

under her leadership, that israel has taken in immigrants from ukraine, russia, and belarus. she had worked to find many permanent housing and is working to address the reality that more immigrants will be coming.

from the reporting, it appears that minister tamano-shata has proven her competency to take on the challenge brought on by an inconceivable world event. as such, her political future looks bright. she has earned a title of being a true modern day moses to both many peoples and many countries.

be well!!

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