“Not Sure” But “Damn Close”: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the mike judge’s 2006, movie idiocracy is far from being a great movie. it, however, is an important movie. a “must see” movie. it is perhaps the “1984” of movies. given a recent poll, idiocracy may have predicted who will win the 2024 united states presidential election.

mr. mike judge, along with writer mr. etan cohen, penned this science fiction comedy based upon the following premise: what would happen to the world if only the “not so bright” people of the world reproduced and the “bright” people did not. the story takes a man of average intelligence in suspended animation and transports him to the future. he awakens in a world in which he, once an average person, is now the smartest man on the planet.

as part of being in this new dysfunctional world, he is, via dysfunctional machinery, is assigned the name “not sure.”

joe, now “not sure,” is eventually recognized for his exceptional intelligence and is summoned to the white house. there he meets the president of the united states, “dwayne elizondo mountain dew camacho.” this wrestler turned politician was brilliantly played the great terry crews.

after all the twists and turns of the story, in the end, “not sure” becomes the president of the united states. president “not sure” speaks to the nation of a world appears ready to value intelligence once more.

a real recent non-fictional poll has surprising results. it shows “that most voters are ‘not sure’ which democrats they want to see run on the 2024 presidential ticket.” dailymail.com “of the 981 registered voters surveyed, only 19% said they want to see president joe biden … run for reelection, while 7% said they want to see vice president kamala harris … – but a whopping 28% responded they are ‘not sure’ who they want to see run.” in other words, right now, “not sure” is the democratic presidential candidate to beat!

how did this happen? did our society devolve so quickly by not so bright people populating the country? or, was there something else that went on with this result?

could “irrational fear” be the source of “not sure” emerging as a bona fide democratic presidential candidate?

over the years, americans have been pandered with “irrational fear.” as a child in the late sixties and early seventies, there were “duck and cover” drills in case of a nuclear attack. for years, “air attack sirens” were tested on the westside of los angeles. then, there was the aids scare as far as its transmissibility. there have been movements concerning global cooling, global warming and global climate change dictated that the planet is existentially threatened. after 9-11 up until covid-19, there is the terrorism scare which creates long lines at airports. there was the russia collusion scare. currently, there is the covid-19 scare.

with the democratic party, there has always been the “racism” scare. every democratic fund raiser or meeting i have attended has always professed that everyone who is not democrat is a racist.

in essence, irrational fear has some actual facts or a lie as its basis. irrational fear is blown up to both create hysteria and control the population. the population looks to leaders to address their irrational fears.

a case can be made that the democratic party’s members irrational fears and hysteria drove them to one conclusion. they needed to win at all costs. the cost of losing was existential. their living and way of life will end if another party takes office. thus, lying, cheating and dirty tricks must be done to achieve the result. with the last election, their success in electing a democratic president revealed something. winning at all costs has consequences. it resulted in the election of the most inept, deceitful, and incompetent president in united states history. as a result, the united states is now falling apart. this decline is so bad that democratic party voters see the mistake they made. the cognitive dissonance has roles to such a level that democrats are now “not sure” about the future.

please watch idiocracy and comment your thoughts on this post.

be well!!

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