Celebrating 500 Blog Posts With A Blog Tip: A Ten Commandments’ Tales

“keywords” are important in professional blogging when working on search engine optimization. competing for top spots can be a full contact sport. organic blogging effort successes are often limited as “ad word” purchases are often highlighted. “keyword” purchasing brings with it unique challenges as costs per click and engagement issues take focus. professionally, i employ both organic and “ad word” purchases.

professional blogging posts can be abundant with keywords. keyword abundance within posted articles is acceptable. consumers of professional blogs want to see these words. they are searching for them. posts with dry technical writing is the commerce versus prose. ernest hemmingway is better than john steinbeck in those circumstances.

non-professional blogging differs. non-commercial blog consumers expect quality writing. repeating the same word in posts reflects poorly on the blogger’s writing talent. as such, a non-commercial blog keyword strategy must take a different approach; a more global approach.

wordpress’ feed contains blogs with many specific topics. bipolar disease is a popular subject. bipolar disease has the potential to include many different subjects. blog creation includes implementing categories and subcategories. bipolar disease can have a multitude of subjects or categories to address. bipolar disease can be broken into topics such as diagnosis of bipolar disease, causes of bipolar disease, treatments for bipolar disease, medications for bipolar disease, living with bipolar disease, working with bipolar disease, family relations and bipolar disease, and involvement with the criminal justice system, and notable people with bipolar disease.

creating these large varieties of subjects allows for the keyword of bipolar disease to become attached and connected to many other words and subjects. with this strategy, there is a greater likelihood that a bipolar post could be picked up by someone searching with both the keyword and topic. this tip may take time to foment. the internet is like a luxury liner. it takes time to move it in the direction desired. a keyword strategy may take many months before any results are seen.

in sum, good luck in making your blog successful. continued good content with the implemental of a keyword strategy will help drive more traffic to your site.

be well!!

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