Question Authority? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

my belief in authority was shattered by one small incident.

i changed law firms to go to one which was both innovative and embraced technology. they even employed their own programmer.

this job change occurred during the “jurassic” era of computing. i was enticed by the promise of a laptop computer and the ability to work from home. to reader: this happened over 20 years ago when this now common technology was in fact uncommon. i was a heavy white plastic boxy laptop.

as soon i got home i set it up. immediately, i started having problems. it constantly failed to hold a connection to the office server. i spent hours trying to get it work. i thought it was me. i must have been doing something wrong.

i went to my boss about the laptop. she told me not to worry, the computer never worked.

my astonishment over the revelation overshadowed any anger. how could someone in power allow for such a thing to happen?

if my boss initially been honest, i would have simply purchased my own laptop. in the end, i went out and bought one. no big deal. the wasting of my time and needless frustration, however, was quite bothersome.

this episode, however, provided me the powerful lesson about leadership. sometimes, they are motivated to have individuals engage in nonsensical activities

prior to covid-19, i engaged with politicians statewide. i have met them at large events and have intimately dined with them. out of my interactions with them, there is one thing i found that they have in common. they all have limited knowledge on issues. as a result, they almost always defer to a legislative assistant that is the point person on the particular topic.

as a result of this behavior, politicians can make poor decisions. ideas for a specific issue within a particular government may be solely the product of one individual. as a result of this, competition of ideas does not necessarily occur. additionally, the individual designated to be the point may be unqualified or corrupt.

further, politicians often lack to ability to discern whether their assistants and experts are either not credible or are not provided the best advice. as a result, politicians often endorse bad ideas and bad policies.

thus, a case can be made that covid-19 policies have failed and are failing because either the wrong people and not enough right people are providing advice to politicians. we see the simplistic thinking of leaders. with covid-19, they have adopted a more mask method of solving the problem. each time there is an outbreak, it is simply time to add another mask.

it is important to remember that our leaders indicated only two weeks to slow the spread almost two years ago. did that work?

in the end, a multi-disciplinary approach was needed. work was needed on a vaccine. work was needed on strengthening our medical facilities. work was needed on developing treatment protocols and therapeutics. experimentation was needed to find additional successful therapies. finally, appropriate social policy was needed to enable individuals to work, to go to school, and to live their lives.

in the end, we can see what is happening. vaccine fixation and its questionable long term efficacy has led to government leaders to become vaccine shamers. further, it can be argued that the concept of vaccine passes is actually not scientific. if the not yet publish israeli study is correct, then those previously infected have more anti-body protection than those vaccinated. if that is the case, these individuals should not be subject to vaccination scrutiny. thus, is this a policy with no logic or honest science behind it?

as this hysteria unfolds, i see visions of heavy white plastic boxy laptop that never worked.

in sum, politicians surrounding themselves with great advisors is of import. when they fail to do so, it painfully become apparent. the pharoah, pre-exodus, took on joseph to help him govern. joseph, besides being a dreamer, was an individual who demonstrated administrative skills. thus, his abilities led him to administer successful planning that allowed egypt to succeed in a time of famine.

be well!!

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