The Redemption Of A Generational Betrayal: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

emotional filled childhood events can become a life theme. in preparation for my bar mitzvah, i participated in the temple’s youth choir. the choir was solely dedicated towards the saturday morning service known as shacharit. in the adult service, a choir member would be the lead with the choir backing up. choir members led onContinue reading “The Redemption Of A Generational Betrayal: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

Herd Dishonesty: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

rollingstone magazine, which alleges that it is “journalism that matters,” recently published an article which is evidence of media herd dishonesty. journalism certainly does matter when the public is being lied to by journalists. the rollingstone’s article offers insight into modern journalism’s sheer depravity. the article, cited an oklahoma doctor’s allegations that there were irvermectinContinue reading “Herd Dishonesty: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

Question Authority? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

my belief in authority was shattered by one small incident. i changed law firms to go to one which was both innovative and embraced technology. they even employed their own programmer. this job change occurred during the “jurassic” era of computing. i was enticed by the promise of a laptop computer and the ability toContinue reading “Question Authority? A Ten Commandments’ Tale”