Herd Dishonesty: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

rollingstone magazine, which alleges that it is “journalism that matters,” recently published an article which is evidence of media herd dishonesty. journalism certainly does matter when the public is being lied to by journalists.

the rollingstone’s article offers insight into modern journalism’s sheer depravity. the article, cited an oklahoma doctor’s allegations that there were irvermectin overdoses were causing er delays for gunshot victims. rollingstone.com

this narrative, however, did not last long in the arena of truth, honesty and proper journalism.

the rollingstone was humilated at the revelations. the story had to be updated. they now reported as follows: “one hospital has denied dr. jason mcelyea’s claim that ivermectin overdoses are causing emergency room backlogs and delays in medical care in rural oklahoma, and rolling stone has been unable to independently verify any such cases as of the time of this update. ” it would appear that the rollingstone took one person’s assertion, that they liked which served their narrative, and went rolled with it. it would appear that they never took the time to confirm it. then, when faced with the hospital’s assertions, they were forced to act as journalists and verify their sources.

mission accomplished rollingstone, however.

before the corrections could be made, the original unverified story was picked up by many news agencies and was peddled as being truthful. the damage has been done. an allegedly bogus story entered the world as the truth.

even with this humiliation, the rollingstone apparently wants more.

the updated article’s headline included “the hospital says it hasn’t experienced any care backlog due to patients overdosing on a drug that’s been falsely peddled as a covid cure.rollingstone.com

this, another gem from the rollingstone. apparently, they are either too lazy, stupid or dishonest to find and and address dr. eli schwartz’ irvermectin study

the study shows that ivermectin does have anti-viral properties. thus, it is not necessarily being promoted as a cure. rather, ivermectin represents an additional medication that can be used to treat a disease that is killing people. it is low cost, fda approved, and worldwide 6 billion doses given to humans for conditions other than covid-19. in sum, there are doctors who have conducted studies using the medication off label and have found that it can reduce viral loads.

what is rollingstone’s problem with the medication? does the liberal media view it as a wedge issue to generate views and clicks? does condemning the medication serve as “red meat” to their audience as to how foolish the others are in society? is the medication some democratic versus republican issue? are they doing public relations work for merck which apparently wishes to downplay ivermectin’s effectiveness so that they can roll out their new covid-19 medication?

perhaps, the real story of american public health policy for covid-19, has been that they have “vaccine fixation.” while israel has “vaccine fixation,” there are at least scientists and researchers who are bring out other therapeutic methods to address covid-19. these ideas can assist all countries in addressing the disease. the united states policy makers have worked on the false assumption that a vaccine is all that is needed to handle covid-19. public health policy must work to find any and all medications that can assist in both preventative and treatment.

viral disease history has shown the need for multiple medications. “drug cocktails” have been found to be effective in treating hiv, human immunodeficiency virus.

in sum, readers are now the new journalists. thus, if you are going to rely upon news articles for being truthful, it appears that you should seek independent confirmation. otherwise, you risk being contaminated with false information from the herd.

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