The Five Essential Books Not Available on Amazon: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

everyday i write the book

elvis costello

no matter how many times you beckon to “alexa,” you will never get these books on amazon. you never will.

the five essential books are the book of good life, the book of redemption and deliverance, the book of livelihood and sustenance, the book of merits, and the book of pardon and forgiveness.

these are the books of our lives. these are the books were we play roles as writer and character.

each one of these books are special because they are co-authored with the master of the universe. the master, however, is also the editor in chief.

we toil through each and every year. there are the ups and downs. there are times when we are consumed with ourselves. there are times when we have time for others. there are times we are either physically, emotionally, or morally stumbling, and there are times that we are at the top of the world.

we are capable of both good and the bad content to these special books. in the end, we hope that our co-author and editor-in-chief will take mercy upon us.

our roles in our books is a duality. we can be the one making our own life good: we can be the one making other’s lives good. we are the ones who can be seeking redemption or deliverance: we can be the one redeeming or delivering others. we are the ones earning and providing livelihood and sustenance to ourselves: we can be the one aiding others in need of a livelihood and sustenance. we are the ones seeking merit for our deeds: we can be the ones acknowledging the merits and good deeds of others. we can be the ones seeking pardon and forgiveness: we can be the ones accepting pardon and forgiveness.

in the end, when we are seeking this year’s edition of these five books, instead of calling out “alexa” we call out “avinu malkeinu” “our father, our king,” the master of the universe for delivery.

shanah tova and happy new year.

be well!!

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